Traveling though time and space

I don’t remember being so calm while waiting for a trip, especially one that requires me to really relinquish control and allow each situation to arise and fall for a short while.  I am becoming a keen observer of my surroundings and how my life is synchronized. 

Flying, soaring majestically, magically through time and space

With or against the grain, my head it moves all over the place

Eyes observing, taking in, worry shows up a few times and then

All at once, it starts to flow, getting nearer feel the body tingle.

A new land, community, brave adventure to leave fear alone.

Not without, for some is needed but with a graceful way it is completed.

At the moment I am in Los Lagos Del Cayol, outside of Alajuela which is not far from the Airport. I’m staying a nice Villas with a lot of beautiful nature around. Looking forward to exploring the rest.